111 Contact Code

Of relevance to our VoIP customers

In 2020 the Commerce Commission produced the 111 Contact Code which focuses on emerging telephone technologies that (unlike the old hardwired telephone) will not work in a power cut. The code relates to “vulnerable” people who don’t have access to a cell phone (or alternative means to call 111) in a power cut.


We need to advise you that, in the event of a power cut, the landline services we provide you will not work.

So long as a mobile phone is available at the premises this is considered an alternative means to call 111. It is recommended that mobile phones be maintained at a level of charge that will allow them to operate for 8 hours.


If there are no mobile phones available at your premises and you consider that you could be a vulnerable person (or might have a vulnerable person at your premises) you should complete “Attachment A – Application form to be considered a vulnerable consumer” of the 111 Contact Code. Please note, that the Commerce Commission does not supply an application form relevant to business locations as they consider this an unlikely scenario – from paragraph 93 of the Commerce Commission’s Reasons and Decisions:  “…as most business consumers will have the means to contact 111 in a power failure (eg, through an employee who has a mobile phone).”

As per the final page of the application form, you can contact the Commerce Commission at contact@comcom.govt.nz, or phone the Commission’s Enquiries team on 0800 943 600 if you have any queries relating to how someone might qualify as a vulnerable person in your business environment, or for assistance in completing the form in relation to a potentially vulnerable person in your business environment.


Please download a copy of the code, along with an additional resource. These are also available via the Commerce Commission’s website at https://comcom.govt.nz/regulated-industries/telecommunications/projects/commission-111-contact-code.

The Commerce Commission has no resources relating to business consumers as they consider the scenario unlikely.


If you have a complaint related to the process or our responsibilities within the 111 Contact Code, your first step is to contact us directly, either at 111@xtreme.nz or on 0800 469 873.

Should a resolution not be achieved within five working days then you can take your dispute to Telecommunications Dispute Resolution (TDR) – tdr.org.nz. TDR is a free and independent service helping to resolve disputes between customers and their telecommunications provider.