General Network Settings

Your Details

Your IP Address49.224.77.215

Domain Name Server (DNS) Settings

 Server NameServer IP
Primary Name Serverns1.xtreme.net.nz203.171.32.70
Secondary Name Serverns2.xtreme.net.nz203.171.36.70

Email Settings

 Server NameServer IP
Incoming Mailpop3.xtreme.net.nz203.171.32.72
Outgoing Mailsmtp.xtreme.net.nz203.171.32.82
Web Mail Mailhttps://mail.xtreme.net.nz203.171.32.92
Mail Relay for SMTP Serversmxrelay1.xtreme.net.nz203.171.32.73

MX Records For DNS

 Server NameServer IP

NTP Time Servers

 Server NameServer IP
Primary Time Serverntp.xtreme.net.nz203.171.32.86
Secondary Time Serverntp2.xtreme.net.nz203.171.32.87

VoIP Settings

 Server NameServer IP
SIP Serversip-pbx1.xtreme.net.nz203.171.62.98
Public Proxy Serversip-proxy1.xtreme.net.nz203.171.62.104


Email Server Settings

Web Access, Servers and Port Numbers:

Webmail Access – https://mail.xtreme.net.nz

SMTP Server – smtp.xtreme.net.nz

POP3 Server – pop3.xtreme.net.nz

SMTP – Port 25

SMTP MSA (Requires Authentication) – Port 587

POP3 – Port 110

SMTP and POP3 Servers for SSL –

SMTP with SSL – Port 465

POP3 with SSL – Port 995

Mail Relay for SMTP Servers mxrelay1.xtreme.net.nz