Open Peering Policy

Peering is the direct interconnection between Xtreme Networks (AS18400) and other networks for the purpose of exchanging traffic.

Xtreme Networks strongly maintains an open peering policy. We do this as it provides our network with more redundancy, improves network quality, and significantly reduces data latency – resulting in an overall better experience for our customers.

We have heavily invested in the quality of our network. If you’re interested in peering with Xtreme and benefiting from our infrastructure, please contact us. Peers are required to keep their PeeringDB entries up to date and inform us about any changes made to their network.

For an up to date list of our peering locations, please refer to our PeeringDB record.

Peering Information


PeeringDB Information:

Peering Policy: Open

Private Peering: Available

Suggested Prefix Limit: 100 (IPv4), 100 (IPv6)


We will review our peering policy regularly and reserve the right to modify this policy at any time