The Vital Fibre Network

Wellington internet over Vital fibre

With its origins in the 1990’s as a fibre loop connecting Wellington City Council buildings, the venture soon turned into CityLink as additional non council buildings along the way could see the value in an alternative to ADSL and the CityLink Fibre Network rapidly grew as ISP’s and buildings got connected.  Wellington internet bloomed.

Now known as Vital, the network is a great alternative to UFB, or an even better option alongside UFB to avoid the issues that losing your internet connection will bring.

Vital Internet

The premium internet option for high speed business broadband in Wellington.

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Hundreds of New Zealand businesses choose Vital Internet including;

Business Internet Pricing

Vital Access is a popular option for businesses who need a high speed, reliable fibre Wellington internet connection. View pricing for our most popular plans below.

1Gbps Symmetrical

Vital Access 2
$ 169 Monthly
  • Free Install
  • Includes Static IP
  • 24/7 Business Support

2Gbps Symmetrical

Vital Access 2
$ 199 Monthly
  • Free Install
  • Includes Static IP
  • 24/7 Business Support

4Gbps Symmetrical

Vital Access 2
$ 279 Monthly
  • Free Install
  • Includes Static IP
  • 24/7 Business Support

Why Vital

Exclusively for Business

Unlike UFB, the Vital Network is deployed exclusively for Business Broadband. Meaning less congestion when it matters most.

Fast Install

By having thier own team working on the Vital fibre network, they oversee fibre installs from start to finish and offer quick turnaround times – making it easy to join the Vital Fibre Network.

Fastest Internet

Superior Speeds

The bandwidth availability of your dreams.Xtreme Networks deploy services from 1Gbps symmetrical upwards. With low latency and a congestion free network.

Wellington Based NOC

The team in Vital's Wellington-based Network Operations Centre monitor their networks 24/7 to identify network issues in real-time.

Xtreme Networks

Xtreme Networks have been Wellington internet connections with Vital for more than two decades.

We're your first point of call for a reliable Internet Service Provider. Combined with our managed colocation data centre we're able to provide an end to end solution for your business needs.


Static IPs & Subnets

Whether you need 1 or 100, IPv4 or IPv6 we work with your businesses unique requirements. We won't try fit you in a box.


Data Centre Services

Our Thorndon Quay data centre offers the flexibility and accessibilty businesses need. With Rackspace from 2RU+.

Modern Phone Systems

If your business phone system is still running on a physical PBX or over the old copper phone lines, we need to talk.

Backup & Failover

Every business should have a backup internet connection that automatically takes over if you suddenly find yourself offline.

Validate my address

Originally known as CityLink, Vital has a high performance fibre network available throughout Wellington City.

Get in touch and we’ll validate your address and confirm your available services so you can start experiencing the power of a superior network.