Xtreme Networks

Supporting businesses with premium connectivity and server hosting for more than 23 years.


Coverage and reliability

Our Wellington data centre is connected to all major telco providers for both national and international transit, making Xtreme Networks one of the best connected local cloud prvoiders in New Zealand. 


Our customers tell us we are consistently reliable. And we’re proud to say, we haven’t had an outage in over 5 years. Not one.


Our network has 100% reliability and is 100% congestion free so you can be confident we’ll keep you connected.

Our Team.

Dion Hallam

Founder & Managing Director

Dion Hallam - Managing Director

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The Xtreme Networks story.

Xtreme Networks is a vision brought to life. Directors Dion Hallam and Mike Lee are Wellingtonians born and bred who, having worked many years in the technology sector, had a vision to provide the best possible data centre and connectivity services backed by incredible customer service.

At the turn of the new Millennium Dion took the plunge and founded Xtreme Networks, with Mike joining him full time in 2003. What started in 2000 from Dion’s house has grown to serve hundreds of businesses from a world class facility in Thorndon, Wellington.

Xtreme’s clients’ businesses vary in size, complexity and span many market sectors, but they all depend on Xtreme Networks to provide seamless, highly reliable data centre and internet services to keep their critical systems running. 

Both Dion and Mike have a commitment to providing top quality service – They know that their customers rely on them – and as a result, haven’t experienced an outage in more than five years.

The Xtreme reputation is backed by their approach that a clients’ business is just as important as their own. 22 years later they are just as passionate and engaged as ever in keeping the digital lights on for their customers. 

Open Peering Policy

Our open peering policy.

Xtreme Networks strongly maintains an open peering policy. We do this as it provides our network with more redundancy, improves network quality, and significantly reduces data latency – resulting in an overall better experience for our customers.

We have heavily invested in the quality of our network. If you’re interested in peering with Xtreme and benefiting from our infrastructure, please contact us.


Peers are required to keep their PeeringDB entries up to date and inform us about any changes made to their network.


For an up to date list of our peering locations, please refer to our PeeringDB record.

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