About us

The Xtreme Networks story.

Xtreme Networks is a vision brought to life. Directors Dion Hallam and Mike Lee are Wellingtonians born and bred who, having worked many years in the technology sector, had a vision to provide the best possible data centre and connectivity services backed by incredible customer service.

At the turn of the new Millennium Dion took the plunge and founded Xtreme Networks, with Mike joining him full time in 2003. What started in 2000 from Dion’s house has grown to serve hundreds of businesses from a world class facility in Thorndon, Wellington.

Xtreme’s clients’ businesses vary in size, complexity and span many market sectors, but they all depend on Xtreme Networks to provide seamless, highly reliable data centre and internet services to keep their critical systems running. 

Both Dion and Mike have a commitment to providing top quality service – They know that their customers rely on them – and as a result, haven’t experienced an outage in more than five years.

The Xtreme reputation is backed by their approach that a clients’ business is just as important as their own. 22 years later they are just as passionate and engaged as ever in keeping the digital lights on for their customers. 

Our Team.

Dion Hallam | Managing Director

2 minutes with Dion Hallam.

What do you think are Xtreme Networks’ greatest strengths?

“We take the pain away from dealing with issues so our customers can get on with their work day.”

Why did you start Xtreme Networks?

“I wanted the freedom of working for myself. I also wanted to provide top quality service – I like making our clients happy.”

 What was the path that brought you here?

“I started in the security industry – managing the computer side of security and maintaining two networks (one for the security company and one for the alarm monitoring business). With this security background and interest in tech, I became inspired to work for myself and launched Xtreme Network in 2000 from the spare room of my house (much to my wife’s delight).”

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy the simple things such as walking my dog in the bush with my family, or a good BBQ with friends.


2 minutes with Mike Lee.

What do you think are Xtreme Networks’ greatest strengths?

Our customers can rely on us. If there is a problem, we are onto it immediately and fix it.

Why did you join Xtreme Networks?

“I find the technical side of the business really exciting. I like solving problems. I value good service so that’s what I wanted to provide. Working for ourselves is great too.”

 What was the path that brought you here?

“After 8 years as an auto electrician where, working for a small team and privately owned business you quickly get an idea of how to deliver good customer service. I changed career paths and worked briefly in access control, then at a share broking company running end of day procedures and backups on their computer systems.  From there I moved through the internet banking and business banking helpdesks of a major trading bank. I joined Xtreme Networks full time in 2003.”

What do you do in your spare time?

In addition to technology, mountain biking and music are my other passions.

Mike Lee | Director

Cat Dearlove | Sales Manager

2 minutes with Catherine Dearlove.

What do you think are Xtreme Networks’ greatest strengths?

Our reputation. It’s remarkable how complimentary our customers and partners are of their interactions with Xtreme.

Why did you join Xtreme Networks?

“The team felt really in sync with my values in business. To work with integrity and fairness and take great pride in how you partner with clients”

 What was the path that brought you here?

“I’d made the decision to step away from the tech/telco industry and was spending some time retraining in Strategic Marketing when a Linkedin connection suggested this role to me. It must have been meant to be! I’m able to combine my tech and telco background with my sales and marketing skillset in helping to grow Xtreme.”

What do you do in your spare time?

“Living in the country with two preschoolers and a puppy, we try to spend as much time outdoors as possible. I love growing our own food and cooking from scratch, so you’ll usually find me pottering away in the garden.”