Getting your data where you need it with Megaport.

Megaport and colocation are two distinct networking solutions that, when combined, offer maximum network flexibility and scalability.

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What is Megaport?

Megaport is a global Network as a Service (NaaS) provider, allowing customers to rapidly connect to public cloud services or other customers on the Megaport Network.

It provides customers with a platform to easily spin up and manage Layer 2 connections, enabling them to quickly and easily access the resources they need.

Combining Megaport & Colocation

Colocation is a powerful tool for companies that need to expand their reach beyond their own physical data centers.

By leveraging colocation, businesses can access secure, reliable, and high-performance connectivity with the highest level of availability.

Combining the strengths of Megaport and colocation, businesses can unlock the potential of their hybrid infrastructure and take their operations to the next level.


Megaport's cloud-based platform and global network of data centres provide businesses the ability to deploy and scale their IT infrastructure across multiple locations. This flexibility and scalability allows businesses to quickly and seamlessly integrate their cloud services with their existing data centers.

Speed & Performance

Megaport's platform enables businesses to access the highest levels of performance with minimal latency. Additionally, businesses can take advantage of Megaport's global network of data centers, which offers a cost-effective means of managing the IT infrastructure.

Increased Computing Power

Colocation allows businesses to house their own servers in a secure, off-site location while Megaport provides access to the latest technologies in cloud computing. Together, this provides businesses with the computing power and scalability they need to keep up with the changing demands of their customers.

Cost Effective

The use of Megaport and colocation services can help businesses optimize their IT infrastructure for cost-effectiveness and performance. By leveraging the scalability of the cloud and the reliability of colocation, businesses can maximize the advantages of each, resulting in a cost-effective and efficient IT environment.

Why Choose Xtreme Networks Data Centre

NZ Owned & Operated

It takes a kiwi business to really understand kiwi businesses.We're approachable, responsive and committed to a job well done.

Robust & Reliable

Your business relies on being connected at all times. We've invested in robust systems and test regularly to ensure you have uninterrupted operations.

We're well connected

We've built carrier diversity into our own core network and welcome all ISP's into our carrier neutral data centre. You're spoilt for choice at Xtreme DC.

24/7 Support

Emergencies are never well timed, but our team are reachable 24/7 and don't hesitate to drop everything to help our customers. We treat your business with the urgency it deserves.

About Xtreme Networks.

Xtreme Networks have been providing businesses with access to world-class data storage and business broadband for more than 23 year.

Our purpose built data centre in Wellington, New Zealand provides cost effective, scalable data hosting options for businesses looking to host their servers and critical data within NZ or establish a new Point of Presence of DR/Backup location.

open peering policy
Open Peering Policy

How much will local hosting cost?

Less than you might think! Local server hosting provides your business with cost certainty. Transparent fixed pricing and ultra fast connectivity. 

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